10 Years of Experience

More than 10 Years of Providing Top-Notch
Security Services

J&H Security Enterprise, Inc. is a family-owned-and-operated business in the city of Bryan,TX. Since our inception in March 2007, we have been providing superior and cost-efficient security services to diverse groups of clients in Texas.

Our sense of leadership, teamwork, timeliness, and responsiveness set us apart from our competitors. Aside from equipping our staff with the requisite safeguarding skills, we also teach them the importance of professionalism.

Company Inception 2007

J&H Security Enterprise, Inc. started up in March 2007 located solely in Bryan/College Station, TX area. Years later, company business expanded to Houston, Waco, Ft. Worth/Dallas, Texas areas. 


More About J&H Security Enterprise, Inc.

  • Main Office Bryan/College Station, TX
  • Operations Since March 2007
  • Security Guard Contractor Provider
  • Provide Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Student Housing, & Special Event Guard Services
  • Reliable company for providing daily security
  • Guards hired with working knowledge of security policy and procedures
  • Guards hired with superb verbal and written communicaton skills
  • Professionalsim and Honor Code drive company business
  • Training and Continuing Education vital to company business
  • Company business goals include providing premier security guard services to all clients
  • Company motto is giving all security concerns priority
  • Company business thrives on 100% customer satisfaction
  • Company business depends on buidling positive relationships with employees, customers, and the community
  • Company business supports local charities and other local businesses
  • Company business offers professional and courteous service to employees, customers, and the community
  • Full-time CEO runs company business since company inception in March 2007
  • Company business invites new business partners, customers, and employees to join the team

Our Affiliations

  • ASSIST (Associated Security Services and Investigators of the State of Texas)
  • Security Contractor Guard Company (License #B14586)